Betsy Creek Springs

January 9, 2024

Betsy Creek Springs is a serene lake nestled in Price County, renowned for its abundance of trout. With an area covering 0.28 acres, this small yet picturesque lake offers a tranquil fishing experience for avid anglers. At a depth of 2 feet, the lake provides ample opportunities for casting lines and reeling in catches. The lake bed is composed of 50% gravel and 50% muck, creating a diverse environment for trout to thrive. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner, Betsy Creek Springs promises a rewarding fishing adventure in a peaceful setting.

Betsy Creek Springs Facts

Type lake
Size 0.28 ACRES
Depth 2 feet
County Price
Bottom 0% sand, 50% gravel, 0% rock, 50% muck
Fish Trout

Betsy Creek Springs Location


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