Big Spring

January 9, 2024

Big Spring is a charming lake situated in Douglas County, boasting an area of 0.75 acres. Although it may be small in size, the lake compensates with its serene atmosphere and abundant trout population. With a maximum depth of 4 feet, it is an ideal spot for beginner anglers or those seeking a peaceful fishing experience. The lake’s bottom composition consists of 25% sand, 5% gravel, 20% rock, and 50% muck, creating diverse underwater structures that attract a variety of fish. Whether you are looking to test your angling skills or simply enjoy a tranquil day by the water, Big Spring is an excellent choice.

Big Spring Facts

Type lake
Size 0.75 ACRES
Depth 4 feet
County Douglas
Bottom 25% sand, 5% gravel, 20% rock, 50% muck
Fish Trout

Big Spring Location


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