Coon Lake (Rusk)

January 9, 2024

Coon Lake, located in Rusk County, is a small and tranquil lake perfect for anglers seeking a peaceful fishing experience. Spanning an area of 5 acres, this lake boasts a maximum depth of 18 feet, providing ample opportunities for anglers to explore and discover various fishing spots. The lake bottom primarily consists of 99% muck, offering a unique fishing experience for those accustomed to the more common sandy, gravel, and rocky bottoms. Coon Lake is known for its abundant panfish population, making it an attractive destination for both novice and experienced anglers looking to catch species such as bluegill, crappie, and perch. Surrounded by scenic beauty, Coon Lake is a hidden gem for those in search of a peaceful and productive fishing adventure.

Coon Lake (Rusk) Facts

Type lake
Size 5 ACRES
Depth 18 feet
County Rusk
Bottom 0% sand, 0% gravel, 0% rock, 99% muck
Fish Panfish

Coon Lake (Rusk) Location


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