McDougal Springs

January 9, 2024

McDougal Springs is a picturesque lake nestled in Douglas County, perfect for fishing enthusiasts seeking a tranquil and secluded experience. With a relatively small area spanning 3 acres, this intimate lake offers a sense of privacy and exclusivity. The average depth of 7 feet provides ample room for fish to thrive and offers fishermen a manageable challenge. The lakebed is comprised of 15% rock and 85% muck, making it an ideal habitat for the abundant trout population. Anglers can expect a rewarding fishing trip in this scenic location, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

McDougal Springs Facts

Type lake
Size 3 ACRES
Depth 7 feet
County Douglas
Bottom 0% sand, 0% gravel, 15% rock, 85% muck
Fish Trout

McDougal Springs Location


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