Ice Fishing in Minocqua (Guide)

September 27, 2022
ice fishing minocqua

Ice fishing in Minocqua, or what’s better known as a “northern man’s heaven” is one of the most cherished pastimes of the year.

where to icefish wisconsin

Ice fishing in Minocqua Wisconsin is a great way to enjoy those hazardous winter months. Whether you take pleasure in being out on a frozen lake, challenging your fishing skills, or the friendship and good times that are found with friends and family, ice fishing is a great activity to partake in!

Within this article, you will read about the steps of ice fishing, where to ice fish, and the best ice fishing guides in the Minocqua area.

Ice Fishing 


Before you are ready to head out onto the lake you will need a few things such as:

ice fishing tips minocqua
  • metal cleats for traction on the ice
  • ice spud to check the ice ahead (a solid knock is what you’re after)
  • life vest
  • ice cleats
  • warm layered clothes

Jigging, tie-ups, spearfishing, and clubbing are going to be your four best friends when it comes to catching fish.

Jigging With a Spring Bobber

Jigging is one of the best and most fun ways to ice fish. Your rod will be a short light stick which you can use small minnows, maggots, or wax worms to catch. 

You will want to be careful with your fishing line, as it is extremely sensitive to pulling and can snap.


Tie-ups are used to extend your fishing line to a certain depth. 

ice fishing shanty guides

The tie-up will do all the work by standing up on its own. When you see or feel a tug on the line you will want to rush over to get a hold of your line to bring in the fish.


Spearfishing is a difficult skill to conquer. Needless to say, it is not for everyone. 

You’ll be using a multi-pronged spear to maximize your chances of a hit. You’re going to need lots of chum (bate) to lure in the fish.


Dating all the way back to the beginning of civilization is what’s called clubbing. 

Clubbing is an extremely hard skill to conquer. One must take their club, or “spear”, and stand in shallow waters to then stab fish coming along the shoreline. 

Finding a fishing spot In Minocqua, WI

  • Minocqua Lake
  • Squirrel Lake
  • Patricia Lake
  • Tomahawk Lake

These four lakes are some of the best lakes to ice fish on. There have been several reports of walleye, crappie, and northern pike caught on these lakes.

Tips and Tricks for Ice Fishing

In Wisconsin, you will often find bluegill, perch, walleye, and northern pike during the cold winter months.

ice fishing lakes wisconsin

During the early time of ice fishing season, weeded areas will often provide a food source for the fish during the winter. 

You will want to know of these spots earlier in the season because once the snow starts to fall the weeds die out and the fish will head for the depths of the lake to find more food sources, and warmer water.

Are you looking for things to do in the winter in Minocqua? Check out our ultimate Minocqua Wisconsin Winter Guide of things to do

Ice fishing can be surprisingly productive. Winter is the best time to catch some of your favorite fish such as bluegill, perch, walleye, etc. This time of year, fish are still eating, but their metabolisms are slower. 

They eat less — just enough to survive. Their flesh is firm and fresh.

Pulling a fish out of the ice is well nothing truly but rewarding!


Bluegill is often spotted in shallow water. These fish are one of the most common little fish to catch. In order to catch these little guys, it is best to use a teardrop lure that can be hooked with live insect larvae.

You will want to be patient, although these fish tend to grasp on quickly. 

Yellow Perch

Perch are often found anywhere from 30-40 feet deep. Perch can be easily caught, but sometimes they may be stubborn. It is best to fish with smaller bait such as minnows, or even people’s food. 


Walleye fish is one of the most prized catches for fishermen during the ice fishing months. These fish tend to gravitate along the shoreline or in shallow bays. 

Northern Pike

Northern pikes are known for some of their beautiful scale colors. These fish often hang out in shallow waters. You will want to use large minnows to catch these guys.

Ice Fishing Guides in Minocqua, WI

Captain Hooks Fishing Adventures 

Captain Hooks Fishing Adventures has over 75 five-star reviews about their excellent guided tour, and knowledge of fish in Lake Minocqua.

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While Captain Hooks is primarily of service in the summertime, they also offer ice fishing trips and lessons.

Here they will teach you all about the right ways to ice fish with equipment, the best fishing spots, and several tips and tricks. 

Location: 8997 Mobile Drive, Minocqua, WI 54568


Phone: (715) 614-2099

Anglin’ Adventures- Northwoods

If you have read our Minocqua summer guide then you know of Steve. Anglin’ Adventures specializes in musky fishing. 

But what they also love is ice fishing. If you are looking to get a great experience out of the winter fishing months be sure to check out Anglin’ Adventures.

Location: Minocqua, WI


Although there are not many guided ice fishing services in the Northwoods, there are plenty of locals and shops that are willing to help a fellow civilian out. 

Be sure to check out our other article as well for some of the best guided fishing tours in the Northwoods!


So there you have it, the basics of ice fishing. Minocqua, WI has several lakes that are perfect for your next ice fishing adventure. 

After reading this article you should have somewhat of a grasp of equipment, tips & tricks, and some local guided ice fishing tours. 

Get bundled up, and ready for your next fishing adventure!


Meg visits the Northwoods every chance she gets and loves summers in Minocqua.

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