Are you up north and looking for things to do in Minocqua, WI this summer?

The Northwoods Drifter brings you the ultimate Minocqua Summer Guide so you are never left wondering about what things to do up north.

Things to Do in the Summer

Minocqua, WI is surrounded by things to do in the summer and is home to the most pristine and beautiful lakes in America.

Rain, Snow, or shine, Minocqua has so much to offer to the people of Wisconsin. Offering shopping, water sports, snow activities, shopping, eating, drinking, and family activities. 

Downtown Minocqua, WI

Downtown Minocqua provides a variety of things to keep you entertained for the day. Minocqua is notorious for its small and family-owned shops. 

minocqua downtown night

From small boutiques, ice cream shops, live entertainment, fishing, restaurants, and Pubs, Downtown Minocqua has something to spark everyone’s interest. 

Min-Aqua Bats Waterski Show

Min-Aqua Bats Waterski Show is a must see! This is not just any old water ski show. It’s one of the oldest running water ski shows starting in the 1950s. 

Minocqua aqua bats summer

Every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday around 7 PM, local water skiing teams come out to perform their talented acts right on the lake in downtown Minocqua. The water ski team is an all-time ritual for tourists and locals to stop by and watch.


Fishing is most likely the first thing people associate with Wisconsin. Minocqua lakes include some of the most well-known prized possession fish like Musky, Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye. 

If you don’t have a boat to sail off alone, no worries, Minocqua has several places for the whole family to get fishing experience. Below are three of the top-rated Fisherman adventures! 

Captain Hooks Fishing Adventures

On the lakes of Oneida and Vilas Counties, Captain Hooks offers the chance to head out on the lake and have an expert Fisherman teach the ways of the lake. At the end of the fishing trip, you are allowed to take home all your prize fish to cook them up for a nice dinner!

Fish Minocqua

Fish Minocqua is a top-rated family-owned fisherman company. Captain Dave Lang is the proud owner of this company; as he is on the lake 100 days out of the year, Dave takes pride in every tour he does. All you have to do is book your trip, and Dave will have everything sorted out before the big day!

Anglin’ Adventures Northwoods

Steve, another notorious fisherman of Minocqua with 23 years of experience, is the owner of Anglin’ Adventures.

Steve will teach each person how to bait, catch, and clean their fish. With more than 120 5-star reviews, Steve takes pride in his fishing adventures and loves to share his knowledge with the public.

Steve is your guy to guide you if you’re looking for a great day out on the lake. 

Interested in getting a tattoo to memorialize that musky you caught? Check out our list of tattoo shops in Minocqua, WI.

Bearskin State Trail

If you consider yourself an outdoorsman, then don’t miss out on stopping by Bearskin State Trail. Located in Minocqua, WI, Bearskin State Trail offers all the beauty of the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Are you looking for things to do in the winter in Minocqua? Check out our ultimate Minocqua Wisconsin Winter Guide of things to do

Bearskin State Trail summer

The Bearskin Trail offers plenty of things to do in Minocqua for an afternoon or entire weekend!

The 21.5 mile trail between Minocqua and Tomahawk is made for walking, bicycling, snowmobiling, and walking. Bearskin also provides great fishing and hunting. So if you ever do not know what to do with your day, travel down to Bearskin State Trail. 

Northwoods Children’s Museum

The Northwoods Children’s Museum, located in Eagle River, WI, is the perfect place to take your young ones. The museum allows kids to run around and embrace their curiosity and energy.

northwoods children mueseum

The children’s museum offers over 13 hands-on activities such as an art studio, bubble room, grocery store, toy room, and much more! If you are looking for places to help volunteer, Northwoods Children’s Museum is one of the best places to go.

So if you are ever bored on a rainy day or your young one needs to let go of their craziness, stop by the Children’s Museum!


Shopping is something that most everyone enjoys. Whether shopping for a new purse, clothing item, or just an impulsive buy, Downtown Minocqua offers a variety of shopping stores to pique your interest.

paul bunyans minocqua summer

Not only does Minocqua offer several merchandise items, but coffee and sweets are an all time popular stop in the town. Below are a few of Minocqua’s most loved storefronts and sweet shops.

The Loon

Located in downtown Minocqua, The Loon is a small decorative home store. This store has unique handcrafted home decor that you won’t find in other stores.

From hand-carved wood pieces, wall decor, candles, and even Christmas ornaments, The Loon has a wide cute selection covered head to toe in their store to sell customers on their unique product selection.


In the year 1987, the infamous Glik’s was started. If you come to Minocqua, everyone knows you need to pay a visit to the beloved Gliks. This is a clothing store for both men and women. Seasonally, Gliks change up their apparel to satisfy your satisfaction for each season.

Shoes, hoodies, shorts, pants, accessories, and so much more are offered at Glik’s. When shopping for clothes, it can get expensive. Glik’s offers many clothing accessories to fit all price ranges. 

Dan’s Minocqua Fudge

Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Dan’s Fudge is a family-owned fudge shop located in the middle of town.

This fudge shop will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time. Dan’s adorable fudge shops will personally prepare fudge and taffy in front of customers when they have decided what tasty treat they want to purchase. Not only is it a fudge store, but they also offer several candy options. Dan’s Fudge shop is a great place to take friends and family to get a unique and happy reaction. 

Sallets’ Northwoods Outfitters

This store is the staple store downtown. It offers several different embroidered Minocqua apparel. Sweatshirts, shirts, hats, tumblers, blankets, and more are offered in this cute store. If you are looking for a gift, or even a gift to treat yourself, this fun shop will have all of the merchandise you are looking for.

Great Northern Coffee Traders

This small coffee store may look tiny from the outside, but once stepping in you’re taken away from the coffee aroma smells, and the cozy cabin feeling of Great Northern Coffee. This coffee shop has several drinks to choose from.

Each season brings in different flavors to match the weather. Not only offering coffee but breakfast sandwiches and pastries are a must try, as they are all freshly made with love every day. So if you are feeling like cuddling up with a book, looking to get some work done, or just stopping in for a fresh coffee, stop by Great Northern Coffee Traders.


It’s a beautiful sunny day, what better thing to do than go zip-lining? Minocqua is a great place to explore its beautiful woods, but what if you could zipline through them?

zipline minocqua summer

Northwoods Zip Line Adventure Tours is a fun place for family and friends to visit. With over 13 different ziplining paths, the full adventure tour is one of the biggest in the midwest. If you are not a huge fan of heights, they also offer river and ATV tours in the beautiful Northwoods.  

Wildwood Wildlife Park Zoo & Safari

Wildwood Wildlife Park Zoo & Safari is one of the largest zoos in America. Brought to life in 1997 by the Domaszek family, the zoo was started with love and care.

minocqua zoo summer

This zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals including endangered and threatened species This incredibly large zoo is also one of the most interactive zoos. What do I mean by interactive? Well, deer, turkeys, and other exotic animals are free to roam around the zoo freely.

Guests are able to approach these animals and even feed them! This zoo also offers the chance to get close to a black bear and hand feed it (bear safe) soda through a fence. With over 1,000 different animals, including the world’s largest bird the American Eagle, there is something new and fascinating for everyone to learn at this extravagant zoo.

Below are some of the experiences Wildwood has to offer:

  • Giraffe feeding
  • Bird encounter
  • Safari tram ride
  • Education Center
  • Animal feeding
  • Adventure boats 

Supper Clubs/Places to eat 

If you are looking for a full belly, and a relaxing night well, Wisconsin is worldwide famous for its supper clubs. This is the reason why you need to check out two of the supper clubs that Minocqua has to offer.

supper club minocqua summer 1

Norwood Pines

This elegant supper club offers several dining options to cure your hunger. Having been one of the oldest standing Superclubs in Wisconsin, Norwood lives up to it. Opening every day except for Sunday, Norwood offers an extensive wine and cocktail list. Choosing from fresh cut meats, Friday fish fry, or even salads, Norwood is an excellent place to stop by.

Minocqua Prime

If you are craving a nice cut of meat look no further, this supper club is the perfect place to spend quality time with the family. Minocqua Prime offers tasteful cuts of prime rib, filets, fresh fish, and pasta! Minocqua Prime is an elegant place to dine. Their staff is extremely helpful and friendly, and the ambiance really makes you feel at home. Check out this tasty supper club next time you are in town!


Did someone say steak? NorthFork is one of the many classier restaurants to visit in Minocqua. They offer a great selection of steak cuts, fish, and an extensive cocktail menu. They offer a great selection of food including fish fry Fridays, prime rib Saturdays, and for the little ones, a children’s menu. NorthFork is a must-try when visiting Minocqua. 


Whether you are vacationing or living in Wisconsin, breakfast is a must in the morning. Minocqua offers great light or hefty breakfast places to satisfy everyone. 

breakfast in minocqua summer

Black Bear bar and Grill

This well-known pizza joint offers its fan-favorite breakfast items in the early mornings. Eggs prepared to satisfaction, pancakes, hash browns, fresh-cut bacon, and more are offered at The Black Bear. 

Island Cafe

This small family-owned cafe offers several different breakfast options. A majority of locals have only good things to say about this cafe. Island Cafe has almost any breakfast item you can think of. Next time you are looking for a quick stop to fill up, check out the Island Cafe.


Did someone say pizza? Good pizza places can be hard to find. But you won’t have to worry about that because we have narrowed it down to the top four pizza joints in Minocqua, WI.

If you would like more pizza options, read our list of top pizza places in Minocqua.

pizza thing to do summer

Rustic Pines

Located right of the highway sits Rustic Pines. This pizza pub is a great place to stop for a quick bite to eat. They offer general bar food, beer, cocktails, games, and of course pizza! When you first enter Rustic Pines you will receive a warm welcome and excellent hospitality.

The next time you come into town be sure to stop off at the Rustic Pines for some top-notch pizza.

The Black Bear

Widely known for their breakfast fit for a bear, The Black Bear also offers spectacular Pizza. This bar is a well-known and loved hangout spot for locals. Brian (the owner) is enthusiastic about his business by making his customers feel at home.

The Black Bear is popular for their breakfast, barbeque ribs, chili, and pizza. The next time you are driving through Minocqua, or snowmobiling around, be sure to stop over at The Black Bear

Minocqua Pizza Company

Mouth watering cheese curds, bubbly cheesy pizza, and cold beer aroma fills the air, sounds like you’re at Minocqua Pizza Company.

Established in 2006, this pizza joint began selling their beloved pizzas. What makes this Pizza place so unique you might ask? Well, here you can build your own pizza from scratch with over 15 toppings to choose from. This joint is a great place to take family and friends, as it is a fun experience to create a personal pizza and watch it be cooked!

Oakfire Pizza & Pub

In 2015 this pizza pub came about in Lake Geneva WI, having flourished, this pub expanded to two more locations, one being Minocqua. The atmosphere of this place will blow you away. With over 250 five-star reviews for the Minocqua location, this pizza joint is said to have outstanding pizza, apps, and customer service. 

Where to Drink

Everybody knows that when you’re in Wisconsin you can’t pass up on a cold beer, or cocktail. After all, you are on the lake! Below are listed to be some of the best bars to visit in the Northwoods and on the lake. Keep reading to find out more!

You can also check out our list of the best breweries in Minocqua, WI.

Dive Bars

Ah, dive bars, are known to be where some of the best memories are made. Let’s dive into some of the best located in Minocqua, shall we?

dive bar things to do minocqua

Little Brown Jug

This little dive bar is known to be one of the best bars to visit for cocktails and brews. Bar games, a wide selection beer list, cocktails, live music, and more if offered at Little Brown Jug. This dive bar offers indoor and outdoor seating. Not only is it a great place for adults, but it is also kid-friendly offering mocktails, and outdoor games for all families to enjoy. If you’re looking for a classic Wisconsin bar to enjoy, be sure to stop by Little Brown just for your next drink.

Preuss’ Pub

This dive bar, and eatery is a great place for friends and family. Whether you are looking to watch the next sports game or just want to relax, Preuss’ Pub is an excellent place to stop. In the summers, and weekends this joint tends to fill up quickly with sports fans, locals, and tourists. So the next time you’re looking for a drink, or some classic bar food make sure you pay this pub a visit. 

T Murtaugh’s Pub And Eatery

This eatery and pub offer great beer, cocktails, and service. This joint is on the smaller side but lives up to a big ego. People love to come and enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of games, and good, good-hearted people. The next time you are looking for great apps, and beer stop by T Murtaugh’s Pub And Eatery.

On the Water

Musky Shores

This pub is located right on a great fishing lake, and snowmobile trail. Having been easily accessible for all forms of transportation, this pub is a great place to visit. Musky Shores are known for their classic cocktail Old Fashion. Over half of Google reviews stated that the bartender experience was top-notch. 

on the water bar minocqua

Thirsty Whale

Located on the beautiful waters of Minocqua lays Thirsty Whale. This pub and eatery is a great place to enjoy time with friends and family. Filled with hard-core sports fans, locals, and tourists this place brings in the business. The Thirsty Whale tends to fill up quickly so make sure you reserve a spot so you can experience their extensive menu and view of the lake.

Lakeside Grill

Another great bar located on the waters between Minocqua and Tomahawk is Lakeside Grill. Next time you are cruising around on the lake be sure to hook your boat up to the dock of Lakeside so you can enjoy a cold drink and some bar food.  

Where to Stay

When planning your next trip to Minocqua and you’re not looking for a lakehouse, it is important to do your research on the best places to stay.

Well, now you don’t have to do that because below are located the top places to stay for your next Minocqua trip.


The Waters of Minocqua

This elegant hotel with a five-star rating will exceed your expectations. This hotel offers a Complimentary continental breakfast. Amenities also include an arcade, a fitness center, and event space, restaurants, coffee restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, scenic views, and bars.

hotels summer minocqua

If you are looking for the nearest shopping The Waters of Minocqua is located about three minutes from downtown. It’s no lake cabin, but it for sure will make you feel like you’re in one. The rooms and lobby are designed to feel like you are cozying up in a cabin. You will truly feel as if you are right at home when you check into The Waters of Minocqua.

The Pointe Hotels and Suites

This hotel hands down has one of the most beautiful views of lake Minocqua. You can experience the beautiful views of lake Minocqua from the comfort of your own balcony. This hotel offers several scenic and luxury hotel rooms to choose from. 

“The Pointe Hotel & Suites has been recognized by TripAdvisor as a 2020 & 2021 “Traveler’s Choice” lodging facility, received the 2013 through 2019 TripAdvisor “Hotel of Excellence” recognition and 2018 & 2019 “Hall of Fame” recognition from TripAdvisor for providing many consecutive years of exemplary lodging to its guests”.

– Pointe Hotel  

This hotel is close to all the beloved attractions that Minocqua has to offer, and the front desk will always be happy to assist.


Looking for that homey cabin feeling? Well, you can stop looking because we have got just the place for you to look when planning your next stay in Minocqua, Wisconsin!

airbnb minocuqa summer

Airbnb is a site that has gotten a lot of traction lately. On this site, you can find several different vacation rentals for the right price. Minocqua Airbnb offers several different looks, and features to spice up your next vacation.

Airbnb will allow you to put in filters to find the perfect rental that lives up to your standards. When looking for your next vacation home rental in Minocqua check it out.

Towns to Visit near Minocqua

Minocqua is a beautiful small town with lots to do, but there are a lot of other unique towns nearby. Below are examples of some of the best towns to visit near Minocqua, Wisconsin.

other towns things to do minocqua


Woodruff is a town in Oneida County, Wisconsin. Some of the best things to do in Woodruff include museums, shopping, restaurants, fishing, boating, snow sports and more! If you are looking for another great town like Minocqua, Woodruff offers more adventurous activities in the area. 

Eagle River

Eagle river is located within 26 miles of Minocqua. Chances are if you love to fish you will know a lot about the area. Eagle River, in the Northwoods, is a beautiful town to visit. The town has beautiful nature trails, lakes, outdoor activities, and eateries. Next time you are looking for a scenic route in the Northwoods, be sure to stop in Eagle River. 


This town is a small beautiful place. This town holds some of the oldest history. Known for its massive amounts of fishing waters, this town is a great place to get your fish on, or just enjoy the lake. In the early 1900s, Manitowish was named “America’s Vacation Land” because of how many tourists it was bringing in. Be sure to pay a visit to this beautiful town next time you are nearby.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minocqua known for?

Minocqua, WI is known for having the largest number of fresh body lakes per capita. Minocqua is also known for its laid-back attitude and abundance of classic supper clubs.

Is Minocqua Wisconsin a good place to live?

Minocqua, Wisconsin is a great place to live and grow a family. Minocqua’s crime statistics are extremely low while their happiness rating has been very high for decades among residents and visitors.

Is Minocqua, WI a City or Town?

Minocqua is a town located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. As of 2018, the town of Minocqua had 4,414 permanent residents.

How big is the Minocqua Chain of Lakes

The Chain of Lakes in Minocqua is a total of 5,929 acres. The Chain of Lakes of Minocqua is in Oneida County and includes Minocqua, Jerome, Kawaguesaga, Mud lakes, Mid, Tomahawk, Little Tomahawk, and various connecting bodies of water.

What’s the elevation of Minocqua Wisconsin?

The elevation of Minocqua, WI is 1601 feet or 488m.

What does the name Minocqua mean?

The town of Minocqua was founded in 1889 by mostly loggers and fur traders. The name “Minocqua” comes from the local Ojibewas tribe of native Americans meaning “bad woman”, “fair maiden” or “good woman”. The exact meaning of Minocqua is still highly debated.


Minocqua is a lovely place to visit in the Northwoods during the summer. It offers incredible scenery, great fishing lakes, shopping, restaurants, bars, outdoor activities, and fun for the whole family. This article is just a fraction of Minocqua’s best places and activities.

Be sure to check out some of the places we have talked about thus far. There is something to do every season in the Northwoods.

The next time you take a trip here, remember to experience as much as you can because you will be surprised with the outcomes!

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